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Lexi Vintage


Fear & Loathing

About Lexi Kahl

About Lexi Vintage

Lexi Vintage is a collection of curated vintage and reconstructed-vintage selected from some of the most coveted vintage and resale  shopping in the world. Created in 2011 by fashion veteran and icon Lexi Kahl, Lexi Vintage dresses men and women who enjoy individualism and unique self-expression through fashion.


POP UP galore

"Local resident Lexi Kahl-Lyon held her monthly trunk show at Malibu store Pistol & Lucy earlier this month.  The trunk show features used and vintage clothing repurposed for sale.  The pop-up has been going on at the store for three months."

-The Malibu Times


"Tracey Ross tries on a jacket at Lexi Vintage trunk show."

-Malibu Times


"Glider Lyon helps his mother, Lexi man the register at the pop-up."

-Malibu Times


Love fashion. stylist. Clothing designer. self-expression through clothing.

 What I do. Art through fashion with passion. Vintage clothing, digging through piles of clothes to find that piece that makes my eyes pop.

Who I am.

Lexi Kahl. Leader. fashion icon. Bit of an individualist shown through fashion.  self-expression and creativity through clothing.  Worked with vintage clothing for many years.


Gift card

Looking for something for someone special? A gift card to our store is the perfect idea!


Eyelet pink ribbon Blouse